Col. Carl WardIt saddens me greatly to let you know that

Col. Carl Ward

passed away on Tuesday 3/18/14.


Col. Ward has had a personal impact on all of us.  Each of us has our own stories and memories.  What is clear that we have all come together at the Florida Military School Alumni Association events and the smaller private events because we have shared a portion of our life through the vision of a great man.

Our experiences at the school were not always good, but the lessons learned, the friendships formed, and the life values instilled in our daily life made us better men.

Each of us have our own story, but I chose to go to Florida Military School after seeing the change it made in my brother.  I was working in the infirmary when Mrs. Mary Ward had her stroke.  It gave me the opportunity to see Col. Ward as more than Headmaster.  I saw him at a husband, a father that loved his family deeply. 

Col. Ward was very apprehensive about how he would be received at the first reunion.  He brought his sons as his security force, but he learned quickly that there was an overwhelming fondness towards him by the cadets. 

Many of us had hoped that we could share our appreciation for the impact he had made in our lives.  He was so pleased to hear our appreciation.  He remembered so many of us, even though we changed so much over the years.  Col. Ward was ageless.  He looked just like he had in school.  He still had the vitality to dance at the reunions and spend countless hours reminiscing about the good old days.

Although he has passed, his impact on the world lives on in each of us.  We are all better men because of him and we will keep his memory alive for years to come.

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Rex Riley, President FMSA




FMSA has sent a wreath to Col Ward's Memorial Services

Col Ward WreathThis wreath was sent to honor Col. Ward, not just for his service to Florida Military School, but also to our country.  The message with the wreath states " Although you have passed, your impact on the world lives on in each of us.  Florida Military School Alumni Association. 


The memorial service is on Friday March 21, 2014                          

Visitation 11:00 AM               

Funeral 12:00PM                                                                  


Stith Funeral Home                                                                                                                          7500 US Highway 42                                                                                                                  Florence KY 410142-1908

(859) 525-1100


 Memorial Plaque for Col. Ward

 There has been discussion of have a plaque made commemorating the life of Col. Carl Ward to be hung in the Museum in DeLand. Once this plaque has been made, we will share a picture of it here. If you would like to donate funds for having this plaque made, please send donations to:

Sue Elliott    PO Box 5     Pierson, FL 32180



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